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What Happens When You Call For Rubbish Removal?

Melbourne’s Premier Rubbish Removals and Hard Rubbish Removal Service. Experience quick, cost-effective, and hassle-free solutions that avoid the need to rent a skip bin. Let us handle the work while you get your time back.


When you call on Clean & Cheap Rubbish Removal to do rubbish collection in Melbourne for you, you can expect not only excellent service but responsible and sustainable garbage collection services.

We deal with all kinds of waste. From hard rubbish collection to garden waste and everything in between, nothing is too difficult for us to deal with.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect from us when you call.

We Will Arrive On Time

We have noted that many other waste removal service providers arrive hours late without any explanation. Therefore, we differentiate ourselves by prioritising punctuality.

We Donate What Is Still Usable

Many people want to dispose of items that can be reused or repurposed. When we collect your waste, we carry out a thorough assessment of what’s in it before disposal so that we can limit the amount of waste going into the landfill.

If we find materials or items that can be reused or repurposed – without the need for recycling – then we donate those items.

We Recycle What Can Be Recycled

\Numerous materials that our clients discard can be recycled, including wood, paper, glass, polystyrene, and other materials.

We therefore go to the trouble of separating the waste into recyclables and then ensuring that they are delivered to recycling facilities.

We Dispose Of The Rest In A Responsible Manner

Whatever we cannot reuse, repurpose, or recycle, we dispose of either in landfills or in other appropriate disposal facilities.

Certain kinds of hazardous waste require special considerations, which we handle for you. While we can dispose of things like batteries or e-waste in the appropriate manner, we do not handle asbestos.

We Offer A Complimentary Sweep And Clean With Every Removal

Once we have picked up all of your waste, we make sure to do a thorough sweep and clean of the site when we’re done. This is a complimentary service and a testament to our commitment to a job well done.

When we’re finished removing your junk, we aim to make sure that no sign of it remains.

For more information or to order rubbish collection in Melbourne today, contact us at Clean & Cheap Rubbish Removal now!