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Rubbish Removals In Armadale

Melbourne’s Premier Rubbish Removals and Hard Rubbish Removal Service. Experience quick, cost-effective, and hassle-free solutions that avoid the need to rent a skip bin. Let us handle the work while you get your time back.




Household Rubbish Removal

Household Rubbish Removal

Household rubbish removal is a collective term used on everyday waste that a home produces including packaging, uneaten foods, worn out clothes among others. We make sure that recyclable materials are sorted and processed well and that any non-recyclable waste is managed in a manner that is friendly to the environment. Let us handle your trash!

Garden and Green Waste Removal

Garden and Green Waste Removal

Green waste features parts of plants from your garden or your yard like clippings, branches, leaves, timber, grass etc. Recycling of green waste is therefore important in order to achieve an aesthetic lawn and to promote good health in the environment. We ensure that green waste removal is collected and disposed properly.

Electronic Waste Removal

Electronic Waste Removal

E-waste refers to electronic gadgets and parts such as computers, television sets, batteries and small electrical appliances that are discarded as waste. Electronic waste disposal can be not safe for the environment when disposed of in the wrong way. Our e-waste disposal service ensures that these items are disposed off safely

Office and Commercial Strip Outs

Office and Commercial Clear-Outs

Our commercial waste collection service is provided to businesses and commercial properties whereby we deal with different forms of waste produced in the commercial productivity. We provide specific waste management services for maintaining the clean environment of your business place and following legal standards.

Construction Site Rubbish Removal

Demolition Services

It’s important that we specialise in light demolition  with both residential demolition services and commercial demolition. We perform selective dismantling of structures; this means that we demould structures and eliminate disposals of concrete, metal and timber among others. For demolition work, we have a dedicated team and equipment.

Demolition Services

Strip Out Services

Strip out services are useful for both renovation and demolition works, and refer to the process of the actual removal of unwanted materials from the buildings. We deal with builders’ renovation rubbish, floorings, tiles and any other materials, in order to get your space prepared for the next development stage or refurbishing.

Hire the Best Rubbish Removals & strip out demolition services in Armadale & Nearby Suburbs.




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Frequently Asked Questions

Trucks are commonly used by Cheap & Clean for collecting types of rubbish as these vehicles are specifically built for such purposes and safe carriage.
Not really. As long as our driver can access the rubbish.
When we arrive on-site, we’ll call to confirm prices, then begin work.
We will call later to confirm progress of works.

Cheap & Clean collects all forms of waste such as residential waste, green waste, office waste, construction garbage, furniture, appliances, garden cuttings, renovation waste, office equipment, and other household waste.

Cheap & Clean does not accept any hazardous materials, asbestos, chemicals, and many types of medical wastes.

Yes, Cheap & Clean is flexible and works on Sundays to ensure that all clients’ needs are well met.

  • All quotes presented to us must be in writing and properly endorsed.
  • All conditions quoted for must be perfectly identical to our offer.
  • We reserve the right to counter-check  the quote independently.
  • No member of the quoting company can be intimately affiliated with the customer.
  • The quote must be a recent quote.
  • Same day service may not apply (at our discretion)
  • Not concurrent with any of our other offers

If all these conditions are met we’ll discount the quoter’s figure by a further 5%

We accept Eftpos and Cash.

Please be aware, many of our competitors will habitually arrive “to work” 2, 3 or even more hours later than promised.

We are favourites in the on-time Olympics.  We’ll do our darndest to be at your premises earlier or dead on time.

We pride ourselves on meticulous reliability.  However Murphy’s law says there ARE going to be unforeseen circumstances.

If we’re going to be more than 20 minutes late we’ll phone through in advance. If we’re reach you more than 45minutes late, we’ll do your job at discounted rates.

Who else in all Australia would DARE offer something like this. No-one that’s who!

Of course we will. Unlike other companies, we never charge a call out fee, and our quote is entirely complimentary and free of all obligation.

If items are possibly resalable they are donated to nominated charitable causes but generally, we take all refuse to the most appropriate municipal land reclamation & recycling centre.

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