Do I even need to be there when you come?
No really. As long as our driver can access the rubbish.
When we arrive on-site, we’ll call to confirm prices, then begin work.
We will call later to confirm progress of works.
What do I need do?

Virtually Nothing! Unlike skip bins where you yourself load the rubbish, the Cheap and Clean team does all the “slaving” for you. So put your feet up and have another cup of tea.

Who is Cheap and Clean?

https://rubbishremovalsmelbourne.com.au Cheap and Clean LogoAs a  a well established Melbourne Australia based domestic, commercial and industrial rubbish removal company, Cheap and Clean has sized trucks with one or two man  teams that can handle your most pressing rubbish removal needs.


How do you earn money with Cheap & Clean?

If you refer us to a contact that results in a paid removals job, we’ll pay you a $10% spotter’s fee.

  • The commission is paid to you only after we have been duly paid.
  • The commission is paid on the labour content of the project but not on out-of pocket expenses.
What’s in ‘Granny’s Cleaning Secrets’ Book?

https://rubbishremovalsmelbourne.com.au/SecretBoxBookThis book is offered completely FREE of charge and obligation of any kind, by way of direct email response.

  • It contains guarded information related to various cleaning jobs, generally about the house.
  • It recommends the use of almost free, common, everyday household products to achieve what even expensive commercial solutions may not.
  • For detailed info pls click-tap the “Free eBook” button   OR
  • Click-tap the “Call Now” button to speak live to our receptionist or a representative


What’s your ‘Lowest’ price guarantee?
  • All quotes presented to us must be in writing and properly endorsed.
  • All conditions quoted for must be perfectly identical to our offer.
  • We reserve the right to counter-check  the quote independently.
  • No member of the quoting company can be intimately affiliated with the customer.
  • The quote must be a recent quote.
  • Same day service may not apply (at our discretion)
  • Not concurrent with any of our other offers

If all these conditions are met we’ll discount the quoter’s figure by a further 5%




Do you offer phone estimates?
Yes we do.  Based upon a phone questionnaire put to you we are able to provide you a price estimate.
Once on site, our driver assesses the exact type and  volume of rubbish and provides you a fixed quote.
What payment methods do you accept?

We accept EFT, cheque and of course cash.

What’s meant by “on time or it’s discounted”?

https://rubbishremovalsmelbourne.com.au Alarm clockPlease be aware, many of our competitors will habitually arrive “to work” 2, 3 or even more hours later than promised.

We are favourites in the on-time Olympics.  We’ll do our darndest to be at your premises earlier or dead on time.

We pride ourselves on meticulous reliability.  However Murphy’s law says there ARE going to be unforeseen circumstances.

If we’re going to be more than 20 minutes late we’ll phone through in advance. If we’re reach you more than 45minutes late, we’ll do your job at discounted rates.

Who else in all Australia would DARE offer something like this. No-one that’s who!

Will you provide a free quote?

Of course we will. Unlike other companies, we never charge a call out fee, and our quote is entirely complimentary and free of all obligation.


Where does my rubbish go?

https://rubbishremovalsmelbourne.com.au/ recyclingIf items are possibly resalable they are donated to nominated charitable causes but generally, we take all refuse to the most appropriate municipal land reclamation & recycling centre.


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