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Want more reasons for cheap rubbish removal in Chadstone, Oakleigh, and all over Melbourne to start de-cluttering your life today? box o junk

Rubbish removal in Chadstone, Oakleigh and beyond

We’ll get trashed at these “Junk Parties”

Yes we’ll happily collect or arrange the junk others ban.



  • Churches

  • Pre-Auctions

  • Construction sites

  • Kindergartens

  • Warehouses

  • Homes

  • High Rise Buildings

  • Universities

  • Educational Facilities

  • Bed & Breakfasts

  • Aged Care Homes

  • Social Clubs

  • Schools

  • Shopping Centres

  • Law Courts

  • Race Courses

  • Hotels, Motels

  • City Buildings

  • All Accommodation

  • Hospitals

  • Concerts

  • Deceased Estates

  • Factories

  • Council Offices

  • Function Centres

  • Hostels

  • Govt Buildings

  • Child Care Centres

  • Medical Centres

  • Retirement Villages

  • Units / Flats

  • Estate Agency Specials

  • Correctional Facilities

  • Leisure Centres

  • Outdoor Entertainment

  • (Owners) Body Corporate box o junk

We collect the rubbish that others won’t!

Yes we’ll happily arrange rubbish collection or organisation throughout Chadstone, Oakleigh and the Melbourne CBD for the junk others ban.



  • Garden Stuff

  • Trauma housing waste

  • Plaster / Cardboard / Fabrics

  • Fencing

  • Liquid Waste (to inspection)

  • Broken Glass (to inspection)

  • Cars, Trailers, Parts (arranged)

  • Carcasses (arranged)

  • Electronics

  • Flooring / Tiles / Carpeting

  • Office De-Construction

  • Timber to 2.5M + long

  • Paint, Chemicals  (to inspection)

  • Asbestos (arranged)

  • Grease & Oils  (to inspection)

  • Builders Renovation waste

  • Appliances / White Goods

  • Pianos, Beds & Furnishings

  • Light demolition / Strip-Outs

  • Metal & Steel Springs

  • Tree Stumps, Roots (to inspection)

  • Cement Sheet, Sidings

  • Gas bottles (arranged)

  • We collect what others won’t Dr. . . don't remember the Clinic looking so tidy - ever!

. . . worked like the blazes and stuck to their quote

“Cheap and Clean were marvelous. Arrived spot on-time, worked like the blazes and stuck to their quote like glue. We don't remember the Clinic looking so tidy - ever!”
Dr Russel Grantham, MD
- General Practitioner, Grantham Medical Rooms

. . . offered me a $45 commission for referring a customer

They are true gentlemen

  • "Happy. It took work but we found a slightly better quote than from Cheap n Clean. Pete said that firm is well known for upping their final price. But he gave us a further 5% discount anyway."
    Franck Jalbert (Yalber)
    - Opticomp / General Office administrator
  • "After years of putting up with the horror of it, Cheap and Clean turned up and demolished and took away my nasty old kitchen cabinetry_every last stick of it. Thx Pete & Co."
    Shannon E. Poole (Sho)
    - Head Chef, Noodle Kidoodle
  • "Peter's partner offered me a $45 commission for referring a customer. I refused as I did it as a friendly favour, but they insisted. They are true gentlemen."
    Fang Hsia
    - Omni Tech Solutions, Public affairs officer
  • "The only time I had free was on Thursday at 6 AM before an early start at work. And believe it or not; they actually came at that time. Nice touch."
    Ryan Yates, PhD
    - Vocational counselor; Family Toy, Community House Frankston
  • "In June, our office gave Peter a tough destroy and rid job to do. It took him 2 hours longer than quoted. He still didn't ask for extra and sadly our firm didn't offer."
    Ms Eleanor Bélanger
    - Applications programmer, Elek-Tek
  • "Thank you Pete. You really are neat, in more ways than one. Love you like a brother, man."
    Torsten Beckenbauer
    - Envirotecture Design Lecturer, RMIT, Melbourne
  • "Do you know we checked nearly all Melbourne for the lowest fees. Cheap and Clean had them."
    Cameron Bedggood
    - Giant Open Air, Truckie
  • "Splendid service"
    Milla Deeming (nee Myn)
    - Psychiatric aide/Macroserve
  • "As a Joke I asked Cheap & Clean if they would come and get rid of just my old chair. And the driver said yes cause he was close and 15 minutes later it was gone. I nearly fell over in shock"
    Elijah Gepp
    - Assisant for Sanitary Grocery Stores
  • Hey man, your free clean-up ebook rocks!
    Marcus Lees Jnr
    - Attendant: Mansmann's Department Store

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