Global warming is a serious issue which we, as a planet, really need to address as quickly as possible. While our governments endlessly discuss different tactics to slow down pollution and to regrow our trees and to build a giant cork to fit in the hole in the ozone layer, what can we do to do our part?

One of the biggest things we can do is to produce less waste. If we use fewer materials, there is less of a demand on corporations to produce more materials which gobble up the world’s resources and pump fumes into our atmosphere as they are produced in factories.

So how can you create less waste?

Buy Less

The simplest thing you can do is to buy fewer materials which require packaging. In fact just buying less of everything would be a good idea as even things like fruit which sometimes has to travel halfway round the world to reach your fruit bowl, require fuel to be expelled from the vehicles which transport them.

Before you start feeling guilty and start rationing yourself to one slice of homemade bread a day, make a list of all things you buy in a week and make note of everything which you don’t use. Cut those out of your weekly budget and then look at where you are buying everything else from. Try to start buying items which are grown or made as close to where you are from as possible. This way they have less distance to travel and use less fuel. Next stop using plastic bags from supermarkets and take your own bags with you. Plastic bags make up a serious percentage of waste in the UK.

Reuse Items

Another thing you can do is to reuse packaging and items like plastic bags which you already have. Things like cardboard boxes are ideal as you will certainly find a use for them in the future. For instance, next time you need house clearances or to carry out some rubbish removal, you will have boxes ready to go.


One of the biggest things we waste every day is food. Far too often people use half a packet of something or half a bag of potatoes and let the rest rot. Try to organise your meals around what you have in your cupboards so that you throw less away. This will mean less overall waste going into landfills and hopefully less rubbish lorries trundling around our streets pumping out noxious fumes.

Sam Qam is a house clearances expert. He knows that if everyone used less waste the world would be a better place and that rubbish removal need not be the thorn in our planets side that it has become.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sam_Qam


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