Expert Author Becky MundtReplacing toxic chemical cleaners with hydrogen peroxide
is an important step in reducing toxins and improving
air quality in the home. But can hydrogen peroxide really
stand up to the tough cleaning jobs around your home?

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The answer is a most definite yes, particularly if you
know a few simple tricks to make hydrogen peroxide work
more effectively for you. It can save you time, energy
and elbow grease as well.

Start by recognizing that hydrogen peroxide is a powerful
oxidizing agent, which means it works especially well on
all organic (food, soil, plant, blood, or other naturally
produced) stains and soiling. In its oxidizing role it
needs a little time (usually 15 to 20 minutes) to fully
oxidize the stained or soiled surface.

Next, remember that in stronger concentrations (anything
over around 6% solutions) it is a bleaching agent. So,
rather than using stronger concentrations for cleaning,
simply allow standard 3% solution to work for a few
minutes to achieve cleaning without any bleaching effect.

Finally, if bleaching is the goal, consider using a dry
formulation of hydrogen peroxide mixed with warm to hot
water for best results. Dry formulation hydrogen peroxide
is sold as sodium percarbonate powder or granules. It is
the basis for many “oxygen cleaners” such as “OxyClean”,
“OxoBrite” and others in the marketplace, where it is
normally a 70 to 74% sodium percarbonate mix with soda
ash, or “sal soda”. However, for full strength bleaching,
look for pure sodium percarbonate, which can be found
for sale on-line at places like thechemicalstore.com and
a few others.

Sodium percarbonate is inexpensive, non toxic, and highly
effective at cleaning many household surfaces, for laundry
and can even be used to clean cement or concrete walkways,
flooring and patios.

Not only that, but hydrogen peroxide leaves absolutely
no residues, toxins or chemicals in the environment. It
breaks down to water and oxygen, even while disinfecting
and killing dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Unlike many new “anti-bacterial” cleaners now found to
leave up to 70 percent of their active anti-bacterial agents
behind, showing up in waterways, on agricultural lands and
in forests and other natural environments, hydrogen
peroxide truly “disappears without a trace” as a natural
consequence of its exposure to the environment.

So, the next time a major (or minor)house cleaning project
looms before you, consider swapping out those expensive
toxic cleaners with simple, effective and perfectly
environmentally friendly hydrogen peroxide- in
wet or dry solutions!

Keeping clean without adding toxins to the environment has been a life long passion of author Becky Mundt. Her new book, 101 Home Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide was created after years of personal experimentation and implementation of environmentally sound living practices. Spurred by her love of nature and a life traveling to such exquisite locations as Hawaii, Alaska and the northwest territories of Canada, she has become a proactive environmentally sound cleaning advocate. For more information on hydrogen peroxide, visit her site: Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Dot Com.

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    Not so weird – but great cleaning tips nonetheless. Good job.

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