Pest Removal

Wage War On Rats & Mice

Rats damage buildings by gnawing through walls, pipes, ducts, and electrical wires – often causing fires. They eat and urinate on food and can carry dangerous pathogens and parasites. This rat-control guide will show you how to get rid of these little furry hazards for good. 1. Rat identification It’s important to first figure out […]

Easy DIY Fruit Fly Removal

By Natasha Lesley Anderson  |   Submitted On August 14, 2012 Before you try any sort of fruit fly trap or other recommended removal methods, I highly recommend that you treat the source of the problem otherwise you will just send up fighting a losing battle. By being proactive in your approach, this will ensure that another […]

Mice Plague No More

By Timati Cole  |   Submitted On March 21, 2012 Mice infestation removal and damage prevention is a process of removing mice from houses. When mice get into our homes it causes a lot of problems, they not only contaminate our food but also expose risk of getting diseases, as they are very dirty, once they enter […]


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